Vegan enchiladas and pineapple cake

Today Julianne threw together two great Yummiferous goodies.


Vegan enchiladas

For lunch we had vegan Enchiladas. Basically, we used some leftover Spanish rice, leftover vegan chili, tomatoes, onions and salsa, all rolled into a fat free tortilla. We covered it with some enchilada sauce and a cheese-like sauce made from nutritional yeast and about a TBSP of non dairy butter. Topped it off with a generous helping of jalapeños and a side of some salad and rice. Really really tasty, quite filling and 99% fat free!!


Fat Free Pineapple Cake

This evening, for dessert, we enjoyed a pineapple cake, made from whole wheat flour, applesauce instead of oil, some brown sugar and cinnamon. Vegan, fat free and Yummiferous!! It was not sugar free however. But, a great treat for a guy like me craving something sweet.

Still working on getting to that 440 pound benchmark.

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