We Need More Butter on That Roll

Butter Equals a Pound

About a month ago I posted that between my wife Julianne and I we had lost a combined 50 pounds (see post).  Along with that post I had a picture of 50 boxes of butter, since a box of butter basically equals a pound of fat.  Well, this is an update to that post… as of today I am down to 426 pounds…that is 35 since the first week in August.  Julianne is down 30 (sorry, no weight confessions….).  That makes a combined 65 pounds since the first week of August. So, here is the Butter Graph update:

65 Boxes of Butter = 65 Pounds Lost

Though we have each lost a considerable amount, it doesn’t mean we have been perfect.  Could we have lost more and lost it more quickly?  Perhaps.  But to me, the key is that it is going down gradually.  Heck, it was put on gradually over years of not paying attention, and then numerous tries at diets.  The key now is that we are changing our eating habits.  For Julianne, who has been on this adventure longer than me, she pretty much craves good fresh vegetables and fruits and has no desire for meat and cheese and other things.  Honestly, I am not there yet.  On my birthday, I had a piece of steak….

Steak on the Grill for my birthday in October

Yes, I admit.  I still crave meat…pretty strongly.  I see the pizza commercials and I still want a pizza.  But, my sweet wife has been diligently vigilant and has made some awesome meals and has truly learned the art of juicing!  Eating vegan style (I should do a video and change “Gangnam Style” — the most watched YouTube video ever –t Style” — LOL — I just may do it!!  Actually, someone has done it — Vegan Style Video — WARNING – some minor inappropriate content, but yes, creative)….as I was saying, eating vegan style really does help in dropping the pounds and most likely the blood pressure, the cholesterol, and the propensity to become diabetic.  Julianne has put together some pretty nice meals over the last couple of weeks.  Here are a couple of samples:

Birthday Dinner – steak covered in sauteed mushrooms (no butter), grilled potatoes and asparagus, butternut squash casserole

Julianne’s ingenuity always impresses. The butternut squash casserole, for instance, was made from the pulp of the butternut squash AFTER using it to make a juice that was really tasty.  She added some spices and some pecans and it was a nice sweet casserole, with no added fat or sugar.

Vegan Lasagna made with eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, a tofu/nutritional yeast combo to give that “cheese” texture. Also some asparagus and pears

The unique texture and flavor of a Firm Tofu and Nutritional Yeast almost gives you a ricotta cheese like feel making a prefect addition for lasagna. The firmness of the eggplant provides a sort of “meatiness.” More Julianne ingenuity!!  And quite tasty I might add.   And, I do want to add that most of the produce we use now comes from our bi-weekly contributions to Bountiful Baskets.  Great produce, great prices and an opportunity every other week to share the bounty with dozens of friends and acquaintances as they too save money and get high quality produce!!

Chipotle Vegan-friendly Dinner

Another help to keeping this weight loss trend going is making good “eating out” decisions.  One of our favorite places to go is Chipotle Mexican Grill. They have some vegetarian offerings that are quite good.  Pictured above is the Vegetarian Burrito Bowl which includes brown rice, pinto beans (cooked without bacon), grilled fajita veggies, pico de gallo, corn salsa, spicy salsa (the red stuff) and a generous portion of guacomole (which does not cost extra on a vegetarian dish). Though not fat free (avocados do have fat), it is certainly meat and dairy free and vegan-friendly. Another good thing about supporting Chipotle is their “Food With Integrity” philosophy. Currently, they claim that 40% of their beans are organically grown, which has a number of benefits including a reduction of more than 140,000 pounds of chemical pesticide since 2005. They have been increasing their use of organically grown beans over the last few years and may use even more in the coming years!!  Great Stuff!!

And this is how our butter chart keeps getting bigger!!

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